In today’s unstable economy, it is increasingly difficult to maintain your own life. On average, almost every working class citizen is in some form of debt or another form of debt. Student loan debt, home loan debt, vehicle loan debt, commercial loan debt, or many different ranges of debt. In many cases, banks cannot accurately predict the rise and fall of the economy. With rising interest rates and rising prices, debt is getting bigger and bigger. Is this the result you want?

FAST MONEY provide balance transfers and debt restructuring for your existing outstanding balance, such as suppliers, bankers, credit cards or other leasing companies, no guarantors, no collateral!

Debt Consolidation Loans type have TWO
1. Transfer by credit card balance: In this way, you can use your credit card to repay all your debts. We resolve your debt by transferring money to your credit card company.
2. Through Personal Loans: Another way of debt consolidation is through personal loans. You accept personal loans individually and then repay the debt.

Application requirements and documents

  • Minimum monthly income of RM 2,000 and above
  • Work for current company for at least 1 year

  • Interest: 8.00~15.00% p.a.
  • Processing fee: None

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Our loans are Transparent, Fair and Simple

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