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In today’s unstable economy, it is increasingly difficult to maintain your own life. On average, almost every working class citizen is in some form of debt or another form of debt. Student loan debt, home loan debt, vehicle loan debt, commercial loan debt, or many different ranges of debt. In many cases, banks cannot accurately predict the rise and fall of the economy. With rising interest rates and rising prices, debt is getting bigger and bigger. Is this the result you want?

WeLoan2U provides balance transfer and debt restructuring for your existing outstanding balance, such as suppliers, bankers, credit cards or other leasing companies, no guarantor, no collateral!

There are TWO ways of refinancing loans:
1. Transfer by credit card balance: In this way, you can use your credit card to repay all your debts. We resolve your debt by transferring money to your credit card company.
2. Through Personal Loans: Another way of debt consolidation is through personal loans. You accept personal loans individually and then repay the debt.

Business Loan

Commercial loans are often seen as transitional loans. This type of loan can provide you with a quick cash loan to meet the challenges faced by the company’s operations and development, such as the development of credit companies, the purchase of new properties and machines, or the payment of employee salaries and bonuses. When you are in urgent need of borrowing, you may not have time to go through the bank’s endless variety of procedures, and you will eventually be rejected.
There are few business opportunities, and you do not want to lose the opportunity to make a profit. WeLoan2U Flexible repayment plans can be arranged based on the financial status of the company.

Personal Loan

Basically, personal loans are usually considered as an unsecured loan in Malaysia. This type of loan allows you to quickly obtain cash in a short period of time to cope with unexpected expenses such as traffic fines, car repairs or medical bills. You are in urgent need of this loan, but there may not be enough assets to mortgage the bank to obtain a loan.

But before getting approval for a loan, it also requires a cumbersome credit review process. On the contrary, the short-term repayment plan of WeLoan2U is very flexible. It can be repaid daily, weekly or monthly. This loan is suitable for private enterprise employees, factory workers, government employees, social insurance holders and retirees. .

Mortgage Loan

Plan to have more real estate but lack of funds? Bank overdrafts require lengthy and complicated procedures? We know what it means to have a family for someone and how difficult it is to have a home in this era. For homeowners looking to refinance your home with any preferred bank, WeLoan2U will create a special way for you to provide some of the most convenient, transparent, and least-interest-earning home loans.

SME Loan

Through WeLoan2U’s SME loan, we support the sustainable development of your SMEs. We provide the most convenient and fast cash to small and medium-sized businesses and support the substanceization of small businesses. As a legal loan company, we provide customers with the quickest and most reasonable commercial loans. The WeLoan2U consultants will be fully and reasonably coordinated. Do not hesitate to apply for a SME loan, or contact us directly to receive your personal quote at the best price. No matter what you choose, our offer will not let you bear any responsibility!


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